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Editorial work has been a significant activity conducted by TiFC for many years.

The Chopin Annual was launched in 1956. The publication presents the latest research into the life and work of Fryderyk Chopin, a bibliography of Polish and foreign Chopin-related publications, a discography and accounts of the most important Chopin-related events (competitions, exhibitions, conferences, etc.). The English language version of Rocznik Chopinowski with the title Chopin Studies has appeared since 1985.

The Chronicle of the International Chopin Piano Competitions 1927-1995, published in 2005, records  another important activity carried out by TiFC – organisation of the Chopin Competitions.

The Museum has prepared 10 facsimile editions of Chopin’s manuscripts (compositions and letters) from its collection, each with a commentary in Polish, English and French (1999-2001).

The Society has published catalogues describing items displayed at exhibitions held at Ostrogski Castle and other locations, also abroad, as well as a number of printed items marking special occasions, such as posters, invitations, medals, etc.

An Internet multimedia publication, Fryderyk Chopin: Life-Work-Tradition, is currently being prepared. It will provide a great deal of information about Chopin and his output, complete with scientific works by outstanding Chopin experts.